Line 3 Replacement Program (Canada)

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Line 3 Replacement Program: Plan, Profile and Book of Reference

In early December 2016, the National Energy Board issued a certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (OC-063) to Enbridge for the Line 3 Replacement (L3R) Program.

Once a certificate is issued, the company must prepare and submit to the Board a Plan, Profile and Book of Reference (PPBOR) of the pipeline. The PPBOR is in accordance with sections 33 and 34 of the National Energy Board Act.

A PPBOR is a comprehensive drawing of the pipeline project as seen from above (aerial view) and from the side (profile view). It shows the exact location of the pipeline on each property and the dimensions (length, width and total area) of the pipeline right-of-way. The book of reference identifies the affected land parcels and ownership.

The L3R PPBOR has been placed in most rural municipal offices, along the L3R right-of-way  in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. These locations were determined as they are in close proximity to the pipeline right-of-way and are accessible to the public. These locations have been considered and approved by the National Energy Board.

Click on this link to review the list of rural municipal offices that have a copy of the PPBOR.

The PPBOR is also available online here in nine instalments.

Please click on the appropriate link below to view or download the geographic section of the PPBOR that includes your community:


The PPBOR is also located at the Enbridge offices in Regina and Calgary and the National Energy Board office in Calgary.

National Energy Board
Suite 210, 444 – Seventh Avenue S.W.
Calgary, AB T2P 0X8

Enbridge Inc.
Suite 200, 425‐ 1st Street SW
Calgary, AB

Enbridge Inc.
119 9th Avenue North
Regina, SK