Safeguarding the Great Lakes

We’re committed to safety in the Straits.

Safety is not only a core value at Enbridge; it’s the very foundation of our business. The people who live, work, and play near our pipelines expect us to operate safely, and the protection of the public and the environment is our highest priority. More than 100 Michiganders are employed or contracted with Enbridge, and they all play an important role in maintaining the safety and reliability of our pipelines and facilities.

We take special precautions to protect the Great Lakes

The Straits of Mackinac is a special place, and that's why we take special precautions to ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of Line 5 as it crosses under the Straits.

We understand how important the Straits of Mackinac are to Michigan residents. The health and the protection of these waterways are essential to the vitality, sustainability, and the economic prosperity of the region – and the state of Michigan.

Enbridge has a large suite of extra safety measures at the Line 5 Straits crossing to protect this critically important waterway. They include:

Prevention is a critical component of pipeline safety, and we focus on prevention at Enbridge before issues arise. While our ultimate goal is to prevent all spills and releases, we’re also committed, as a responsible pipeline operator, to providing a comprehensive incident response at any point along our pipeline network. Our Emergency Response Plan for the Superior Region,includes Line 5 and the Straits of Mackinac.