A vital player in Wisconsin's energy industry since 1949.
Fueling quality of life in Wisconsin for more than 65 years.

Safety and the environment are our number one priority.

Wisconsin community

Since 1949, Enbridge’s employees and contractors have lived and worked in communities throughout Wisconsin as colleagues, neighbors, and friends.

Wisconsin benefits

Delivering the energy to get Wisconsinites where they need to go.

Wisconsin projects

Expansion projects in Wisconsin have enhanced U.S. energy security, provided more than 500 construction jobs, and contributed $1.4 billion in infrastructure investment.

Wisconsin history and operations

Today, Enbridge operates approximately 1,552 miles of liquids pipelines in Wisconsin and meets 100 percent of the state’s refinery capacity needs.

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Enbridge's Superior Terminal

About 21% of all daily U.S. crude imports pass through this Enbridge facility.