T-South Reliability and Expansion Program

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The program involved replacing old compressor station units and adding an additional compressor station unit as well as additional smaller upgrades and reliability enhancements at other locations along the T-South system. Five compressor units and associated equipment to support their operation were installed at five existing compressor stations. The new compressor units are quieter and more environmentally friendly than the existing units that were replaced. They use noise reduction and low-emission technology that meet all environmental and regulatory requirements.

Compressor stations move natural gas through a pipeline to maintain its flow and pressure. Over long distances, friction and geographic elevation differences slow the movement of gas and reduce its pressure. A compressor station gives the natural gas a “boost.” New units are being installed at:

  • Compressor Station 3 near McLeod Lake B.C.
  • Compressor Station 4A near Summit Lake, B.C.
  • Compressor Station 4B near Hixon, B.C.
  • Compressor Station 5 near Kersley, B.C.
  • Compressor Station 6A near 150 Mile House, B.C.