Vice President’s Message

Brianne Metzger Brianne

Vice President
Safety and Reliability,
Enbridge Inc.

Safety—the foundation of our success and our commitment to you

At Enbridge, we know that safety is the foundation of our success. But it’s more than that. Put simply, it’s our duty to keep the public, the members of our team, and the environment safe.

That’s what drives us, and it’s one of the reasons we publish our Safety Report to the Community each year. We want to share our safety performance with you, to highlight where we’ve done well, and where we have not met our expectations. It’s also an opportunity to share our ongoing efforts to become even safer, and to let you judge for yourself how we’re doing.

Last year, tragically, we witnessed the very real hazards we must always manage in our business and why safety is our number one priority. A rupture in August on one of our natural gas pipelines near Danville, Kentucky resulted in the death of a member of the community.

This tragedy shook us to our core and deepened our resolve to strengthen our safety performance and culture, based on our firm belief that every incident can be prevented.

It takes discipline, expertise and heart to protect the public, our employees and contractors, and the environment from harm, and to keep our pipelines, distribution systems and renewable power facilities safely and reliably delivering the energy we all count on, every day. That’s why we continually strive to build a robust safety culture involving every member of our team, based on a shared sense of ownership and vigilance.

Thank you for taking the time to read Enbridge’s 2019 Safety Report to the Community.


Brianne Metzger-Doran
Vice President, Safety & Reliability