Chronicling our ongoing safety story

2014 Enbridge Safety Report to the Community assesses our company performance

Enbridge’s safety story is constantly evolving – and the latest chapter is hot off the presses.

Last week, we released our 2014 Enbridge Safety Report to the Community, with publication online at and hard-copy distribution to thousands of our neighbors near Enbridge’s pipelines and facilities across the U.S. and Canada.

Safety is one of our core values, the very foundation of our business, and this year’s report gives an overview of our performance in 2014 – not only in the areas where our safety performance was strong, but also those areas where it was not strong enough.

By reading the 2014 Enbridge Safety Report to the Community, notes Enbridge Inc. president and CEO Al Monaco, “you can judge for yourself how we are meeting our commitment to keep you and your neighbors in the communities where we operate safe.”

Of note in the Enbridge safety report:

  • We safely delivered 2,405,421,468 billion barrels of crude oil, and spilled 114 barrels outside of Enbridge property, in 2014;
  • We completed more than 200 in-line inspections of our crude oil and natural gas networks in 2014;
  • Enbridge employees completed than 162,000 hours of health and safety training in 2014, or an average of 18 hours per team member;
  • We spent almost $32 million in research, development and innovation through 2014, in the areas of prevention, monitoring, maintenance, leak detection, public awareness, and advancing the development of renewable energy;

The 2014 Enbridge Safety Report to the Community also includes stories that highlight the important work being done by our team members, and individuals and groups out in the community, in the areas of:

  • Pipeline inspection basics;
  • Responding to a spill;
  • Making safer communities; and
  • Your role in safe energy delivery.

We’ll be sharing these stories in the coming months via the @enbridge blog channel.

Enbridge helps fuel people’s quality of life through energy, and we work hard to deliver the energy you and your neighbors rely on safely and responsibly.

It’s the ongoing Enbridge safety story – read all about it.